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Honorary Life Members elected at AGM for exceptional service to TAM

January 2017

At the Annual General Meeting, which took place at Norton Village Hall on 20th January, two of TAM’s longest-serving members, Jean Bunce and Stuart Winks, were elected as Honorary Life Members “in recognition of exceptional past service”.

   When the association was first formed in 1992 in response to an approach from Kinsale, near Cork, Jean Bunce was one of its founding and most dynamic members, while Stuart Winks joined in 2004. They have both been committed and active officers of the association, and over the years have both served in various capacities including extended periods as Chair.  Although the original twinning link with Kinsale is no longer active, both Jean and Stuart were influential in 2004 in building a new link with Hennebont, which has gone on to become such a successful example of town twinning.

   The AGM, which was introduced by Honorary President Prys Morgan, was attended by 25 members, including two new members, and numerous guests. A revised constitution was approved by the members, and Anne Winks was elected as Vice Chair in place of Jean Bunce, who   

stood down. The other existing officers were all re-elected. In his report to the members as TAM’s current Chair, David Townsend Jones said that the past year had seen an extraordinary rate of growth (with a 75% rise in membership) and social development resulting not only from an imaginative programme of activities and events but also our increasingly interactive and supportive members.

    Following the AGM it has become our practice to hold the annual dinner to celebrate another year of activities. With a delicious menu provided by Kate, the chef of the Katering TwoCann restaurant at the J Shed in SA1, and the usual cheerfully chaotic raffle, this year’s dinner reached the happy parts to which other AGMs can only aspire. (Perhaps TAM should offer a consultancy service on how to organise a genuinely popular annual general meeting!) This year, once again, thanks are due to our AGM genius Julian Smith for his inspired organisation of this popular event.


The honorary cutting of the cake presented to birthday boy John Lever. John looking pleased: see below.