This is a transcript of the Charter of Twinning between Mumbles and Hennebont, signed at All Saints Church, Oystermouth, on 28th May 2004. Note that the Charter is between the two communities, and that it was signed by four parties. The charter hangs in the offices of Mumbles Community Council. Click here for an image of the charter, not the best photograph due to a sunlit window reflected in the glass: we’ll try to get a better shot in more suitable conditions.

    Deirdre Lomer signed the charter for Mumbles Twinning Association, as TAM was called until 2011. Perhaps when this transcript was being typed she had not yet been asked to attend the ceremony, and A.N. Other, who is invariably on the substitutes’ bench, temporarily took her place on the team sheet!


The Mumbles/Hennebont charter


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