TAM is a voluntary organisation committed to encouraging links of all kinds – cultural, educational, sporting etc – with our twin town in Brittany, Hennebont, a historic market town of some 15,000 people near the city of Lorient, with which Mumbles has been twinned since 2004. (There are currently no active links with Kinsale, Ireland, which was twinned with Mumbles in 1992.)

   We are always looking out for new members: individuals, families, clubs or associations of all kinds. Subscriptions are very modest and members’ meetings are collaborative and informal. We welcome people of all ages, particularly families. Being a part of twinning is a wonderful way to improve language skills and share and understand a different culture and heritage.

   It costs just £6 a year to join (children up to 16 free). Contact membership secretary Sarah Lever:

Honorary President

Professor Prys Morgan

Chair and website manager

David Townsend Jones

Vice Chair

Anne Winks

The Twinning Association of Mumbles is grateful for the support of Mumbles Community Council and Mumbles Development Trust.

General Secretary

Carrie T Jones


Julian Smith

Membership secretary

Sarah Lever

Membership form

Click here to open a membership form. On a Windows PC you then have two options:

1) To download: right-click anywhere on the form and ‘Save as’ or ‘Save page as’ (different browsers vary).

2) To print: if there is no print button, press Ctrl + P (different browsers vary).


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