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The miracle on Hennebont Gardens!

September 2018

Some years ago the gardens opposite the Mermaid Cafe Bar and Restaurant on Mumbles Road were named Hennebont Gardens in celebration of our twinning link with Hennebont. For years their flowerbeds have been lovingly cared for by the City and County of Swansea's gardening team.

   Recently due to the ever-growing pressures on public finances the large slightly raised central flowerbed had to be grassed over. Although saddened by this development, the members of TAM appreciated the need for volunteers to step in. We started to discuss ideas and make plans.

   Imagine our surprise when one day a new display appeared on the former central flowerbed in the form of an old rowing boat. Strewn with fishing nets, lobsterpots and buoys, the boat sits on a base of heavy rocks, with a bed dug out on the Mumbles Road side, which is clearly intended for planting next spring.

   No benefactor has yet come forward to claim any credit for this public-spirited action. Whoever you are, the members of TAM are deeply grateful. We have also told our partners in Hennebont about your generous and imaginative civic initiative. Da iawn a diolch o'r galon! (Very well done and a heartfelt thank you!)

   Members of TAM will take up the challenge of planting and tending the newly dug flowerbed and maintaining the nautical newcomer.


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