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Internet fame for Hennebont plaque artist

July 2019

The artist-craftsman Ieuan Rees, who carved the plaque given by Mumbles to Hennebont at an opening ceremony on 13 June 2019, has unwittingly become a YouTube phenomenon. A video recorded about him in his studio in 2012 and posted on YouTube has 'gone viral' (as we say in the trade), with over 2 million hits. The story was widely reported in the Welsh press and international media.


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Gerald Gabb stress-tests TAM members’ knowledge of early Swansea!

November 2019

OK, that’s a slight over-statement, but it’s got your attention, hasn’t it? What actually occurred was that Gerald punctuated his excellently illuminating quick tour of early Swansea with quiz questions: “Anyone remember what that old cinema on The Kingsway was called?” – or, regarding some ancient sepia photo he’d put up on the screen, “What is this called today?” And it seemed as if some people at the packed-out talk he presented for TAM on the evening of Friday 15 November knew every cobblestone in Swansea all the way back to Magna Carta.

     It all made for a very enjoyable, pleasantly raucous occasion, but with lots of hard information and human interest. Many thanks to Gerald for agreeing to join our growing list of great speakers.

     Thanks too to our heroic catering committee, who served us a mouthwatering cassoulet followed by light-as-a-feather carrot cake.

Photo by Keith Turner