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October visit to Havre de Grace postponed

June 2020

It should come as no great surprise to anyone that the inaugural visit to Havre de Grace planned for October 2020 has been called off, for reasons so extremely obvious they hardly need to be stated! The decision by both twinning associations, TAM and HDGTA, was mutual. No view has yet been taken on either side about when in 2021 the visit might be rescheduled. Circumstances will have to guide us.

    During the Covid lockdown many people have turned to virtual gatherings online, using Zoom and suchlike. Debby Stathes, HDGTAs chair, has suggested that during the 1–7 October period when the physical visit should have been going on, a virtual visit should be arranged instead. This sounds a lovely idea if enough people are willing to participate, allowing us to chat to our friends in HdG and catch an online glimpse of the bayside city. Watch this space for further announcements.


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Schools in Mumbles and Havre de Grace link up

February 2020

Oystermouth Primary has linked with Havre de Grace Elementary School.

    Fourth graders from Havre de Grace exchanged emails on 26 February with their Year 5 counterparts at Oystermouth.

    Both schools hope to stay in regular touch, especially around important dates in the Welsh and US calendars.

    Other schools in and around Mumbles already have twinning links with schools in Hennebont.

Ms Higbee's fourth graders at Havre de Grace Elementary School wave hello to Year 5 at Oystermouth Primary. Photo: Debby Stathes.