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TAM social life in the ‘new normal’

June 2020

Twinning is about people getting together, which right now presents a challenge. But with a bit of determined inventiveness, ways to cautiously start up again have begun to emerge. For example, we have restarted our monthly pétanque sessions out in the open air, where distancing is straightforward. We have also restarted our monthly French Discussion group, which meets online via Zoom. We’ll even try a Virtual Garden Party at 12.30 pm on Sunday 30th August, in the hope that not everyone is all zoomed out by then! So please keep an eye on TAM’s social calendar where you’ll find details of dates and times of these and any other events.

Virtual Visit to Havre de Grace announced

August 2020

As it’s no longer possible to proceed with the long-planned visit to Havre de Grace this October, our friends over there are instead arranging a Virtual Visit (VV) for us to HdG.

    The VV will take place at the same time as the original physical visit was goingto happen, between 1st and 7th October. It will all start - and conclude, a week later - with a big Zoom get-together for members of TAM and HDGTA, their twinning association, plus invited guests from HdG and Mumbles. To quote Debby Stathes, their indefatigable chair: “Zoom at the beginning, Zoom at the end, and YouTube bits in between. Hosts welcoming guests. Local events … restaurants, activities, etc. Lots of good ideas – and enthusiasm.”


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    It is terribly important not to let the Coronavirus flatten our links with Havre de Grace. So much hard work, dedication and enthusiasm went into getting it all up and running, and we must all do our best not to let it be wasted. Nor must we forget that in the longer term it’s a great opportunity for our village, as it is for their same-size city. Do please make a special effort to be actively involved in the VV. Make a note in your calendar and look out for further information, which will follow on nearer the time.

    Of course, exactly the same importance attaches to our twinning link with Hennebont. But that longstanding link, being more than 15 years old and well tried and tested, and remembering too the relative proximity of Brittany to Wales, feels more robust than the very new fledgling link with our twin town in Maryland. So let’s do our best to cherish them both.

A ducky fly-past on the Havre de Grace waterfront.